May 222014

I, only recently, managed to grab hold of the camera with a phone, the Nokia 808 after more than six months of search. Bought it for 25k INR, given that that’s a high price(literally) for something with those specs, bar the camera of course, in today’s terms. Was a pretty elusive device and the seller I managed to find still has a few boxed pieces to sell.
I first entered into the symbian world with the 6220c, or was it the series 60, in 2008. It stayed with me for more than 2 years before succumbing to my heavy usage. Got waterlogged. India is a pretty warm place, so waterlogged doesn’t essentially mean water here. Keypad stopped working. And this was a very common complaint among 6220c owners. The battery started swelling. It was then that I finally bid farewell to it and exchanged it for a Samsung Wave 2. Brilliant device but marred by its highly limited app store. It didn’t stay long and I moved onto the the N8. This was about one year after it’s official launch.
Boy was it amazing to own it. GSMArena charts showed it as number 1 in one of its categories(and it stayed that way for more than 2 years). It had all the cool stuff one could have on a smartphone back then. Great HD games, excellent camera, hardware innovations and the looks. This was when the android wasn’t that exciting. I still do have it, and it still work’s fine. It has been ‘delight’ed though.
In parallel, I moved into the android ecosystem too, with the apollo, then the xperia s and lastly the nexus 4.
Being an enthusiast, I also bought the n900. A rock like device which can be used as a weapon to hurt someone. It is big and it is heavy and it has my favorite keyboard.
I should shove in a Sony Naite and a Nokia 7020 in there, but don’t remember where they exactly fit in.

Now to where I should be. The 808. In 2014.
My 808
It’s been almost 10 days with the 808 and let me tell you it has been a journey with mixed emotions. First one being, OMG what have I done!!!!! Burned 25k on a camera phone which is only taking blurred photos, thanks to my not very steady hands. I always had an option among the 1020 and the 808 and those whose advice i cherish, advised against the 1020. And it was 10k costlier.
All online reviews suggested that I go for the 1020, given the growing platform, apps, the nice camera interface and the like. I went for the original.

It is a device, which I’ve always felt, represented the whole symbian family. Almost all innovations in the platform have been incorporated into the 808. Camera, FM transmitter, OTG, multi codec player and so forth. The drawback mentioned in almost all comparisons online was the dying platform. Seriously, the number of sis apps available out there does not go with the dying nature.

Moreover, with the miniscule usage of internet on my phone, I can’t see why I can’t survive with the 808 in 2014. I do cheat as I write this though. I have the nexus 4 running in airplane mode satisfying all my other android needs. Hey!!! I like to use apps you know? There have been times when I ran so many apps in parallel on the N4 that I could feel it beg for my mercy.
At some point during the N4 usage I started to feel that I really can do without so many apps. All I wanted was device to make calls, send/receive texts, PMP features and supports internet for IM chats. This made me immune to the attractive device launches and the various marketing campaigns and also served as one of the reasons I chose the 808 over the 1020. And with the still existing support from the veterans of the symbian community, indies who don’t want to see the platform die, and great websites to hold on to for any such updates, I can’t see why moving to the 808 is a downgrade, as it has been pointed out to me.

P.S. I have been getting the frequent jaw drops among many of my friends, coworkers at the ’41’ number and that makes me happy and proud too 😉

Apr 172014

Election fever is on the rise here. Everyone is playing one’s part in it. The political experts doing their serious and futile discussions on who contesting from where, who his/her relative is campaigning for and the like. As I said. Serious and futile. They’re so much into the discussion(which ends up as a debate) that they lose track of their surroundings, more often than not.
What good their discussions are is up for answering but the pride they take in presenting their knowhow on it is admirable. The gleam in the eye is quite apparent.
Guys, calm down. No one is gonna win this way. It’s as much a waste of time as facebook is 😉

Dec 082013

Sorry I took a long time to write this post. There has been so much in this update that I kept discovering new stuff everyday. I probably will realise something tomorrow too. I’ll update that here for sure.
Anyway, my idea behind this post is not to give a complete review of what changes you can expect or have found on your update, but to help you discover more on the update. Am judging that based on the numerous posts out there on the topic of the changes on a Nexus 4 after Kitkat.
Let me start with saying that I wasn’t too happy with the update. Honestly, I now use more memory than when on JB, running the same apps. My free memory has not risen above 900 MB. Let me put an example. Right now, all I have running on my N4 is the music player. I can now see that the free memory is only 728 MB. I remember days when I had at least a couple of apps running and the free memory would be more than 1.1 gig. Just to advocate on my point, I have restarted the phone and very soon I have less than 600MB left. I delete the services of Yahoo mail, FB, textplus, whatsapp and the like to get back to about 800MB of free memory. Long story short, no respite.
Now that I have cleared that of my chest, let me get to my original intention. What is new? At least in the front end.
Screenshot_2013-11-26-06-31-55A new screen showing the process stats. How long the apps have been running.



Screenshot_2013-11-26-06-31-35The screen which shows the option to change from DVM to ART and vice versa. There are two things I’d like to tell you here. One being that google hasn’t really migrated away from the classic Holo blue. They do use the new roboto font here and there and the occasional white but holo blue still exists on the decive. Two, when you switch from DVM to ART, expect a long time before a restart. I haven’t stressed enough on the long part here but I hope you get the point. Not every app out there supports ART, or should I say ART doesn’t support every app out there. (Cough! Whatsapp Cough!)


Screenshot_2013-11-26-06-45-22The clock app has changed quite a bit. We now have 4 tabs instead of three. The alarm clock option in the bottom in JB is now a new tab. I need those times for at work. So the world clock is pretty handy. The selection of the times is now clearly visible.

(I must thank my trusty old N7 2012 which still has JB 4.3 on it which helped me in giving me a comparative perspective. Disclosure: Am not planning to update it to 4.4 till I confide in it. Poor thing has only 1 Gig of RAM on it.)


Screenshot_2013-11-26-06-20-50 This picture is obviously pointing out to the camera switch on the right and the Google Now launcher in the middle. But my intention in showing this pic is not so obvious. See that white WiFi symbol on the top. Well, data was being transferred when i took the screenshot. And there was no indication of data being transferred. In JB, there was a little symbol that showed incoming and outgoing data activity no matter the connection option, WiFi or data. That little symbol is visible in the image in my previous post. Look for the WiFi symbol on the top. In Kitkat, this transfer of data is not displayed. All you can see is that your device is connected. If any of the apps running is transferring any data, that activity is invisible, at least on the icon on top.


Kindly note that this post was just to tell you what is not being told everywhere else, could be they haven’t noticed or they chose to ignore this(except the ART part, couldn’t resist mentioning that though). As I write this post the 4.4.1 is available via the OTA update. I will check that out and write if things have turned for the worse or the better.

Nov 022011

A well coordinated and content rich event. Not to mention great talks and networking. There were 3 key note speeches followed by individual content based talks. These included writing apps on multiple platforms, managing the applications/support, various infrastructure at our disposal.There was also a tribute to Steve Jobs by many speakers who gave their beautiful perspectives of the great man. There were contests as well, prizes to be given away on the last day of the event.

The key note talks were given from Nokia, SISO and Tata Communications.

Multiple stalls were setup at the Expo area by organisations, showcasing their products and services. The food was good and there was good response from the volunteers.

Awaiting the second day of the event to start. And yeah, awaiting the goodies as well. Venue: IIsc Bangalore.

Nice work saltmarch media.