Oct 132011

Got this doubt last week when I couldn’t get out of my house after 10 AM. Was too sunny and hot. Moreover, with frequent and long power outages it only got worse.
I was taught in school when I was a kid that august brings autumn and september ends in winter months(May not be accurate but I hope my point is made). This looks to be so not what is happening now, just as CO2 being less than 1% of the total air composition(as per a textbook). Oh wait!!! These two are actually related. CO2 much greater than what it should be and needless to say “Global Warming”.
We are supposed to re-write history…not meteorology or climatology. Have you ever heard anyone saying “that guy re-wrote meteorlogy”?? Burning fossil fuels and other carbon based “stuff” has caused this mishap, which imminently is going to do something BIG, Veeeery BIG. Great blockbusters have suggested future calamities. Enough to be deemed as “Mother nature’s revenge”.
My point here is not to ask anyone to look towards greener methods, cleaner fuels, stop the cutting of trees, etc..(which is the need of the hour)
All I want is that I don’t want to use an air conditioner in December or January to keep cool.