May 132018

As I was sifting through Indiegogo for the latest projects in action, I came across one which immediately made me contribute to the project.


The Mi mini PC is a 5 inch touchscreen device boasting a dual boot Android 5.0 and Windows 10. The basic model comes with an 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, an Intel Atom chipset with the X7-Z8750 processor with options to upgrade the storage.

It has 4 USB Type-A ports (3X 2.0, 1X3.0), 1 Type-C port, one HDMI for connecting it to the TVs or projectors, and one RJ45 LAN port for wired connectivity. For wireless, it has dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2.

This shows that the PC has a terrific interfacing capability. (My laptop doesn’t have that many USB ports.)

The Intel X7-Z8750 is the most powerful atom series processor from Intel. It was designed using the 14nm process, with 2MB L2 cache capable of 1.6GHz(burst frequency of 2.56GHz). With 4 cores and 4 thread execution, it can support multitasking with ease. For game support it has 200MHz graphics processing with a burst frequency of 600MHz.

With a size of 135X90X16 mm portability is the key feature here. The team behind this PC appear to have designed it with ease of transport in mind.

These numbers are powered by a 6000MAh battery and is charged via a charging pin port. I got to know from the project owner that there will be a USB to charging port adapter in the package which helps with the freedom to charge anywhere.

To promote gaming on this PC, there is a perk of adding a gaming console to the package.

All of this points to a device with huge potential. The specs, design and the price are quite an unbeatable combination, at least on paper. With a suggested delivery date of Sep2018, there is a small wait involved before reviewing the actual thing.

The mini PC will be back here in a few months time, with an in-depth review and much experimenting.


Sadly, I ended up getting a refund. Few blogs suggested foul play looking at the specs vs price, and I now kinda believe it. I hope this isn’t the case and they actually ship the item. Many have faithfully placed their orders over.